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Meet Our Leather Team

by Hang Nguyen on May 12, 2021

Hoi An Soul Leather has the opportunity to introduce our handmade leather goods to local and foreign customers thanks to the efforts and dedication of everyone on the team. Our business will not be able to grow without the hardworking members of the responsible leather team for all manufacturing and delivering high-quality leather goods.

Members Introduction:

Bang Pham, Leader of the leather team

The spirit of the leather team, Bang has been with HASL since our inception. Before joining HASL, he experienced many varied careers, a member of the variety show ‘Ky Uc Hoi An' and a tour guide for the historic Vespa tour. As a charm that led him to handcrafted leather goods, he has been in this job for three years and continues to follow this passion to this day. Bang takes involvement in designing products and response for all the HASL's primary production, from the first stage to the final touch before reaching consumers.


Xuan Nguyen

The second member of the team, Xuan was also Bang's coworker in Ancient Town during his previous leather goods crafting workplace. She adores handcrafted leather goods and shows so much love to this art. Never stop improving, Xuan has always been a significant assistant to Mr. Bang in creating meticulous, delicate, and valuable leather products.


Hai Nguyen

Hai, who has a keen eye for detail and accuracy when it comes to leather cutting. To properly cut small details of the product, the artisan likes Hai must be especially careful throughout the cutting process. Hai got introduced to the leather-making industry when HASL opened a class to recruit trainees; before that, he worked as a manager for large farms spread across Vietnam.


Linh Doan

The thoughtful and introverted sister of the team, Linh used to work in Ancient Town as a leather bag seller. Linh is in charge of the leather bag's interior and lining, which requires meticulous care and attention to detail. HASL believes a high-quality product must be flawless in every aspect; we take care of the slightliest details even in the hidden part of the product.


Hanh Le

Hanh joined the HASL team alongside Hai and Linh. She used to work full-time in a local restaurant; however, due to the pandemic, she was unable to continue this job. She is now a skilled leather maker in charge of bag assembly after a great training period at HASL. Hanh devotes herself to every needle line and thread to create beautiful leather bags.