Leather Tube For Architects starting at only 250$

Protect your work with style

Drawings and blueprints are vitally important for architects. They need to carry them around, bring them to meetings, show them to other people – and presentation is always key to a good result.

Imagine you’re in a room full of colleagues, and you need to display your work. Everything, starting from the way you open your documents, says a lot about you. What if there was a special case, a leather tube to store your special plans and documents?

A premium leather tube shows how important your work is for you. These types of accessories say what kind of person you are. They show that you care about details. After all, no one else knows it better than an architect – details matter.


Hoi An Soul Leather Tube - Only 290$

Our leather tube will protect your plans, blueprints or other documents in a stylish way

- Crafted from Full-grain leather
- Buckle closure
- Hardware: Gold color
- Color: Espresso Brown


L10 x W10 x H83 cm / L3.9 x W3.9 x H32.7 inches
Strap Length:
160 cm / 63 inches

Customer Review

Bruce M.

I purchased a beautiful leather map tube in May 2021. It arrived very well packaged, and before it was expected. The product is stunning and the workmanship is superb. I couldn't recommend it more highly!


This architect document tube was so amazingly beautiful. My boyfriend loved it. We will be purchasing from your store again. 🥰

Crystal V.

This gift exceeded my expectations. The quality was superb and so was the customer service. They reached out to me immediately to confirm the font style. I would definitely purchase and recommend.


High quality leather tube. I am using to store my leather chess mat. Thanks so much.

Made 100% by hand for you

All our leather tubes are made by hand in our workshop

No intermediaries, no machines, all our leather tubes are made by hand in our own leather workshop.

Creating The Best Impressions

No architect would ever dream of delivering a project with some details missing, and in the same exact way, no detail should ever be missed from the way you present yourself. Our leather tube case was designed exactly for this purpose.

First of all, our leather bags are all handmade by experts. You can see this in our high-quality materials and designs. Many people would think it impossible to distinguish between a bag made in a factory and a handmade one with the craft of many experts behind it, but this is not true for people with a discerning eye. A handmade bag will even show its benefits to the eye of non-experts.

We believe that your bag should be the same high quality of the projects inside. Why should your bag be inferior to one of your own projects?

Imagine spending weeks, months, on a single blueprint. It’s standard practice for most of the people working in your field. After spending that amount of time on a piece of work, you want something safe, secure, and stylish to carry that work around. In this sense, we can’t underline how important it is for every architect to have one of our special handmade bags.

We care about all of our products, and we’re particularly proud about the properties of our leather tube for architects. Whenever you walk in the street, carrying your documents inside one of our bags, people will not only know that you’re an architect, but they’ll know what kind of architect you are.

You have prestige, and you care about details – only the finest quality products will suit your needs. A sleek leather tube made out of full-grain leather is exactly what you need to store your blueprints and documents.

With the buckle closure, you can be assured that your documents are safe from falling out of the tube, from weather conditions, and even from thieves. The handy strap also allows you to carry the tube over your shoulder in a stylish manner.

Give Your Work The Care And Attention It Deserves


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