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Hoi An Soul is a handmade Leather Bag and Accessory brand based in Vietnam. With customers in love with our products in more than 20 countries around the world. At the time of Quick Commerce, Fast Fashion and other commerce tendencies we have decided to take the opposite direction and spend time working on our products, sourcing the best materials and spending more time doing everything by hand.

Hoi An Soul was created by Hang Nguyen in the city of Hoi An, a city with a long history of commerce and a place where cultures met, shared and exchanged.

The mission of Hoi An Soul is to provide our customers with the best quality leather products. We want to create timeless objects that carry not only your personal belongings, but also your memories.

Because our brand was born during a special time, it carries in its DNA strength and durability.

We want Hoi An Soul Leather to become iconic, but more importantly we want our brand to bring our customers a life companion and a way to carry their most beautiful experiences.


Members Introduction:

The leader of the leather team, Bang has been working with us since the beginning. Before joining Hoi An Soul Leather, he was handcrafting leather goods for more than three years and continues to follow this passion to this day. Bang is involved in the whole process from the first stage to the final touch before reaching consumers.



The second member of the team is passionate about handcrafted leather goods and shows it in her work. She is meticulous, delicate, and a valuable member of our leather team.



Hai, who has a keen eye for detail and accuracy when it comes to leather handcrafting. He is an expert in leather cutting and he got introduced to the leather-making world when we opened a class to recruit trainees; before that, he worked as a livestock manager for a large farm.



Linh used to work in Hoi An's ancient town as a leather bag seller. She is now in charge of the leather bag's interior and lining, which requires meticulous care and attention to detail. We believe that a high-quality product must be flawless in every detail; she takes care of the sightliest details even in the hidden part of the product.