How Hoi An Soul Handcraft a Leather Bag?

All our handbags are designed and manufactured by us in our leather workshop in Hoi An.  


The first step is taken when ideas come together. Once the concept of the new product or collection has been determined, it is time to sketch it out on the papers. 

Prototyping/ Pattern Making


After reviewing all sketching drafts, we will choose the one that is closest to the concept we are looking to create the patterns. We will use these patterns to help in estimating the amount of leather required for the bag and provide a better overview of the final product.

Leather Choosing

The key to creating a high-quality leather bag is choosing the right leather. Leather comes with a variety of textures, such as smoothness, thickness, and colors, such as brightness, vibrancy, and so on. Deciding which leather to use for the bag is important since we want it to look beautiful while still being functional.

Leather Cutting

Choosing the appropriate tools to cut the leather based on the markings that have been transferred from the prototypes. Cuts should be flawless since they have a significant effect on the finished product's result.

Assembling and Stitching

Cut leather pieces are then neatly stitched together. The appearance of leather bags is dependent on the consistency of hand stitching. A perfect stitch is a true symbol of authentic craftsmanship that can't be replaced by a machine.

Finishing Details

The final step in the crafting process is to connect any straps or handles to the bag and finish the inner lining. Finally, we installed the bag's accessories and closures.

Quality Control: 


We thoroughly examine for minor defects and apply leather lotion before launching the product.