Our Leather

Hoi An Soul delivers leather goods made from high-quality leather, ensuring that each item can last with you for decades. Over years, the leather will only get more stunning that makes you want to treasure it for the longest time.

Full Grain

Full-grain leather is the highest grade leather available that comes from the top layer of the hide which has all the grain. Full-grain refers to the strongest and most durable part of an animal's hide that has not been sanded, snuffed, or buffed allowing it to maintain its natural characteristics.

As the grain surface is left untouched before applying the surface coating, full-grain leather has more fiber strength and durability than other leathers. Rather than wearing out, the leather will naturally condition with use, developing a beautiful patina and a unique characteristic over time.

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Pull-up is an aniline-dyed leather in the drum to create deep, vibrant colors. This type of leather is colored using natural oils and/or waxes instead of paints or topcoats. Thanks to this combination of transparent waxes and oils, Pull-up leather is extremely soft and feels very natural.

The main characteristic of this leather type is it develops patina very quickly. When this leather is stretched or pulled, the color migrates and becomes lighter in the pulled areas. You will love the unique look of this leather on any accessory product.